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Why Should You Hire a Head Injury Attorney After Suffering From a Brain Injury
The Law Office of David Dwork

Brain injuries can be caused by sports injuries, car accidents, work-related injuries, and even slip and falls. They are a common occurrence in the U.S., resulting in millions of deaths and hospitalizations every year. After an accident, you may experience what is known as a common or serious brain injury. No matter how severe, you…

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Why Choose David Dwork as Your TBI and Personal Injury Attorney?
The Law Office of David Dwork

Over 30 + Years of Experience The Law Office of David Dwork has 30+ years of experience dealing with a variety of legal issues relating to personal injury and has specialized in representing head injury victims and survivors and the families of those in need of a traumatic brain injury lawyer. Centrally located in Boston,…

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Boston Sports Head Injury
The Law Office of David Dwork

Football, Boxing, Cycling, Hockey, Soccer, Cheerleading…What do These Sports Have in Common? Putting these six sports, and many more, into a group might raise some eyebrows, but they have something in common most people would not think of…before you guess, lets add to that list: Horseback riding, Snow Skiing/Snowboarding, Water Sports, Powered Recreational Vehicles, Skateboards/Scooters,…

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Types of Therapy & Treatment for Person’s With Head Injuries
The Law Office of David Dwork

Medical Treatment and how a Personal Injury Claim can Help Head and brain injuries can be severe and traumatic and can cause permanent and life-altering impairments. When you first learn of a family member’s diagnosis, it can be a scary time for everyone involved, wondering what kind of life the family member will have in…

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My family has had the pleasure of working with Attorney David Dwork since last September, and the more I work with him, I know we selected the Best. He was highly recommended by two attorneys who I respect...

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