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Injured By a Defective Product? Here’s What to Do

Americans use consumer products almost every hour of every day. The legal term “product” covers everything from cars to toys to food and drugs. While there are laws in place to prevent injuries from defective products, they often do not kick in until many individuals have already been hurt. When there is a mandatory product recall of a vehicle or infant safety seat, it is often because many people have already been hurt or killed.

The law recognizes the special danger that is posed to consumers when they use a product. Therefore, the courts have generally held that when a consumer is injured by a product, the manufacturer is liable for the injuries unless the case fits into some very limited exceptions. Even if the product was not purchased directly from the manufacturer, the manufacturer is still liable for any damage the product causes.

Types of Defective Products That Injure Consumers

While any product has the potential to be dangerous, some manufacturers make products that are more likely to cause serious personal injury. Some of the most frequent offenders include car companies, children’s product companies, infant product companies, drug companies, and food companies. Some examples of the most frequently dangerous consumer products include:

  • Cars
  • ATVs or other motorized vehicles
  • Choking hazards in children’s toys
  • Choking or suffocation hazards in infant toys and seats
  • Tools and machinery
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Medical devices
  • Appliances
  • Household items that are flammable
  • Electrical items

The injuries that can be sustained from these products are very serious and potentially fatal. Consumers who were victims to defective drugs have developed permanent, life-threatening illnesses. Choking or suffocation from a poorly designed product can claim the life of a child. Defects in cars can cause serious auto accidents. If you’ve been hurt by any type of consumer product, you deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering.

Why You Should Call a Boston Defective Product Attorney Today

When you’ve been hurt by a product, it might seem like it is simple to prove that the manufacturer is responsible for your injuries. It’s not. Many companies have large legal departments that will go to the end of the earth to keep their company from admitting fault in your accident. The company might claim that you were negligent in your use of the product, that you didn’t read a warning label, or that the product was damaged by you before its use. In pharmaceutical and food product liability cases, the companies will often claim that your injury was not caused by their product.

But a good personal injury attorney knows better. Attorney David Dwork has been representing injured plaintiffs years, and he knows how to help you build your personal injury case. If you were hurt in any way by a defective product, call Attorney Dwork and he will help you stand up to the negligent manufacturer that caused your injuries.

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