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Boston Brain Injury Law Video
The Law Office of David Dwork

Please review my new video in which we provide an overview of our Brain Injury TBI law practice in Boston, Massachusetts. I have over 30 years of experience as an attorney helping survivors of brain injury & their families get the compensation they deserve. I understand the complexities of traumatic brain injuries (TBI ) and…

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Football and CTE in Children
The Law Office of David Dwork

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), is a serious condition that is frequently diagnosed in people who have a pattern of one or more knocks to the head ( concussions). It is both progressive and degenerative. In other words, it gets worse with time. A post mortem study of 91 former NFL players revealed a diagnosis of…

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Keeping Your Child Safe From Head Injuries
The Law Office of David Dwork

Simple Safety Tips to Protect Children As brain injury attorneys, we often spend a great deal of time helping our clients deal with the devastating impact of head injuries. Unfortunately, sometimes the clients we represent are children and their families. Even though it is our job to help those families deal with the legal process,…

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Head or Brain Injury in Children
The Law Office of David Dwork

“Head injury” is a broad term relating to a wide array of injuries, including those affecting the scalp, brain, skull, and surrounding nerve and tissue. Head injury, brain injury, and traumatic brain injury may all be used interchangeably, but TBI (traumatic brain injury) is generally used in more severe cases. Whatever words used to describe…

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Please accept this review as my letter of recommendation for David Dwork to represent you as your next attorney. David was referred to me by a consultant, who has advised me for several years on financial and...

Brian M.

My family has had the pleasure of working with Attorney David Dwork since last September, and the more I work with him, I know we selected the Best. He was highly recommended by two attorneys who I respect...

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I worked closely with David for more than 25 years in a mid-size law firm where, for much of that time, he was head of the litigation department. As we worked together on numerous complex litigation matters, he...

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