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Research on Brain Injury Reveals the Ineffectiveness of Hyperbaric Chambers
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Hyperbaric Chambers Found to Have No Significant Effect on Mild Brain Injuries The United States VA Hospitals have recently conducted medical testing to examine theories about the use of hyperbaric chambers as treatment options for victims of mild brain injury. A hyperbaric chamber, otherwise known as a diving chamber, provides higher levels of oxygen to…

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Cognitive Functioning with TBI – Rancho Level of Cognitive Functioning
The Law Office of David Dwork

When a personal injury comes in the form of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) the effects can be physical, cognitive, emotional or behavioral. While most of us are familiar with the terms physical, emotional and behavioral, cognitive may need clarification. Cognition: the scientific term for the “process of thought”. In psychology it usually refers to…

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Common Myths About Brain Injury
The Law Office of David Dwork

MYTH: A person must be unconscious to suffer a brain injury. FACT: Even a “mild” traumatic brain injury can have devastating, long-lasting and permanent consequences. MYTH: If a neurological exam is normal, everything is fine. FACT: A “gross” neurological exam is not designed to pick up subtle impairments and deficits caused by injury to the…

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