Preventing Head Injuries From Outdoor Slip & Falls

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How To Stay Safe This Winter

Slip and fall accidents can often cause serious injuries to their victims. This is especially true during the winter months, when icy conditions present an additional risk for those who are walking in outdoor locations. Store owners and homeowners must make reasonable efforts to keep their property free from dangerous conditions that could potentially lead to a slip and fall incident. Nevertheless, here are a few safety tips to help you stay safe and steady on your feet this winter season.

1. Go Slow!

We tend to rush during the holiday season and during the colder months to get everything done in time and minimize our time spent out in the cold. However, it’s important to slow down a little bit to make sure you are aware of your surroundings. In the winter, days are shorter and we are often walking to our cars and to buildings in the dark. It’s an important safety tip to stay present and aware of your surroundings, but it is especially helpful to keep you away from dangerous ice patches or other dangerous areas that could lead to a serious slip and fall accident.

2. Keep Your Hands Free

Juggling shopping bags, cell phones, and even children in your arms is usually par for the course for a busy New Englander who is making their way down a sidewalk or through a parking lot. However, carrying many items can sometimes reduce your ability to protect yourself if you should trip or slip. This is especially important in preventing head injuries, which is the area of law our firm – concentrates in. Your hands and arms are an important line of defense to prevent your head and neck from striking the ground. It is always best to make sure they are ready should you need them.

3. Help At-Risk Individuals

If you have a family member or a loved one who is at risk of a slip and fall injury more than the general population, it is important that you give them additional assistance and supervision during the winter months. The elderly, children, and those with existing disabilities or balance problems, are at a serious risk of a fall injury. Accompanying them at all times when they are walking to and from a home or a public location can help to prevent a serious injury.

Boston Head Injury Lawyers for Slip and Falls

Unfortunately, though, sometimes no matter how much caution you take, an accident happens. Sometimes the negligence of a property owner is simply too great to avoid. If this happens, The Law Office of David Dwork is available to help your family move forward after suffering a traumatic brain injury. If you have any questions about head injuries from slip and fall accidents, please call our office today.

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