Research on Brain Injury Reveals the Ineffectiveness of Hyperbaric Chambers

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Hyperbaric Chambers Found to Have No Significant Effect on Mild Brain Injuries

The United States VA Hospitals have recently conducted medical testing to examine theories about the use of hyperbaric chambers as treatment options for victims of mild brain injury. A hyperbaric chamber, otherwise known as a diving chamber, provides higher levels of oxygen to the patient. The theory behind the hyperbaric chamber’s use in treatment of brain injuries was that it would provide an increased amount of oxygen to brain cells, which would aid in healing the brain tissue and reversing some of the symptoms of brain injury.

The theory has been tested previously, but the most recent findings, published in the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, found no significant benefit from using the hyperbaric chamber on the test subjects, who were military personnel who suffered mild brain injuries from their exposure to explosives while in combat. While there are two additional studies planned to confirm the recent findings, scientists are not optimistic that the additional studies will reveal any different results than this most recent experiment.

Even though hyperbaric chambers did not prove useful in treating traumatic brain injury, many scientific and governmental institutions are still dedicated to researching treatment options and therapeutic options for victims of brain injury. If someone you love suffered a brain injury, it can often be difficult to convince an insurance company or a medical facility to allow your loved one to seek alternative and experimental treatment. For some families, any treatment can be difficult to afford without some type of assistance.

Attorney David Dwork’s office keeps abreast of the latest advances in medical and scientific treatment of brain injuries. In addition to understanding the serious consequences that brain injuries have on their victims and their families, Attorney Dwork also understands the latest research and resources available to help the survivor recuperate from a traumatic brain injury. If your loved one suffered a brain injury due to someone else’s negligence it might be time to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit. As time progresses, science will continue to make advances in the treatment and prevention of serious brain injuries, and you will want to make sure your family has the means to seek the best available medical care for your family member. Remember, you only have a limited amount of time to file a claim. Call Attorney David Dwork today to speak with a Boston brain injury attorney about your legal options.

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