Symptoms of Brain Injury After a Car Accident

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When you are involved in a car accident, it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether or not you have suffered a traumatic brain injury (also known as a TBI). Traumatic brain injuries have many different symptoms depending on the area of the brain that is affected in the accident. Furthermore, many symptoms can also overlap with symptoms for other common medical conditions, making diagnosis of the injury difficult.

It is crucial that when an accident victim is experiencing any possible symptoms of brain injury after a car accident, they seek medical attention as soon as possible. Brain injuries can have serious permanent effects on a person’s brain function, and can cause them severe disability or death if they are not treated promptly and properly.

Common Symptoms of Brain Injury

Immediately after you have been in some sort of accident, you should be evaluated for potential head or brain injury. It is important to remember that in some car crashes, the movement of the human body in the brain is enough to cause brain injury without anything actually impacting the head. This is why it is crucial to know the symptoms of brain injury, because a serious traumatic brain injury may not be apparent in an examination at the scene of the accident.

Some of the more common symptoms of head injury include:

  • Loss of consciousness (for any amount of time)
  • Pain or headaches
  • Memory loss
  • Disorientation or confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Blurred vision, ringing in ears, or sensitivity to light and sound
  • Weakness or numbness in hands, fingers, and toes

Other Symptoms of Brain Injuries

In addition to the symptoms listed above, brain injuries can also cause continued symptoms that persist after the accident. Some of the other symptoms of brain injury that an accident victim’s family should be on the lookout for include:

  • Unusual agitation or other strange behavior
  • Feelings of depression
  • Feelings of anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness
  • Inability to sleep
  • Excessive sleep
  • Mood swings

If you or someone you love experienced any of these symptoms after a motor vehicle accident, you should seek medical attention immediately. If you have already been seen by a doctor, you should contact Attorney David Dwork as soon as possible. Attorney Dwork is experienced in representing victims of traumatic brain injury and head injury.

How do These Symptoms Affect a Personal Injury Case?

When a traumatic brain injury victim files a personal injury case, they need to understand that their case is very different from the average auto accident case. Brain injuries are often difficult to diagnose and treat, which can cause the insurance company to give the victim pushback, arguing that the accident was not the source of their injuries. In addition, victims of brain injuries often have to undergo extensive treatment that can include occupational therapy, physical therapy, and long-term care solutions. The medical bills for traumatic brain injury can often exceed policy limits on the insurance policy. A brain injury victim from a car accident needs to have an attorney on their side who knows how to seek additional insurance funds, convince adjusters of the seriousness of the condition, and help the victim start their recovery. Call MA car accident Attorney David Dwork today.

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