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Head injuries are common from accidents involving motor vehicles and sports. According to the Brain Injury Alliance, 2.8 million people die every year from head injuries. Most assume that they have a bump on the head and everything will be alright. 

The problem is that head injuries can complicate your life and make it difficult to do the most basic tasks. Here are the top two head injuries and when you need to call the Boston head injury lawyer. 

A Skull Fracture

A skull fracture is when there is a break in your skull. We see four different types of this injury including

  • Linear fractures: This is when there is a break in the bone, but the bone is not moved. 
  • Depressed fractures: A depressed fracture occurs when there is a trauma to the head. Part of the skull is sunken in and surgery is required. 
  • Diastatic fractures: These are fractures running along the suture lines in your skull. The sutures are the parts of the skull that fuse the brain together. We see this fracture more often in infants, toddlers, and newborns. 
  • A basilar fracture: This is when there is a break at the base of your skull. You will see bruises around your eyes and behind the ears with this injury. It is most serious and requires immediate medical attention. 

We recommend contacting us if you suffer from any skull fracture. Your condition may be more serious than you think. 

The Law Office of David Dwork is the best Boston head injury lawyer. David is a survivor of head injuries and has dedicated his career to helping others. 

Intracranial Hematoma

An intracranial hematoma is when you have blood clots around your brain. There are several different kinds including

  • Epidural hematoma: This is when a blood clot forms underneath the skull in a tough outer covering surrounding the brain. 
  • Subdural hematoma: These injuries are when blood clots form on the outside of the brain and tear into veins or brain tissue. 
  • Contusion hematoma: This is a bruise on the brain. It causes swelling and bleeding inside the area where the head was struck. 
  • Diffuse axonal injury: These injuries are from shaking back and forth such as car accidents and shaken baby syndrome. 

If you think you are suffering from any of these injuries call the Law Office of David Dwork. He is one of America’s most honored professionals and will fight for you. Brain injuries are serious situations and you want someone on your side that will get you what you deserve. 

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