Types of Therapy & Treatment for Person’s With Head Injuries

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Medical Treatment and how a Personal Injury Claim can Help

Head and brain injuries can be severe and traumatic and can cause permanent and life-altering impairments. When you first learn of a family member’s diagnosis, it can be a scary time for everyone involved, wondering what kind of life the family member will have in the future. For many families, the focus is on maximizing their loved one’s rehabilitation in whatever way possible. Filing a personal injury claim on behalf of the injured person can help allow the family to provide the best care and therapy that is available. While every individual with a brain injury is different, here are some types of therapies that could potentially benefit your loved one.

1. Surgical Intervention

Immediate surgical intervention is often required for survivors of brain injuries in order to slow or stop the swelling in the brain. For some accident victims, there can also be an option to undergo additional surgeries in an attempt to minimize the effect of the brain damage or to prevent it from worsening.

2. Physical Therapy

Another option for many families is physical therapy. For many survivors of brain injury, their ability to control their movements has been affected by their injury. Physical therapy can help them re-learn to walk, improve their fine and gross motor skills, and allow them to regain some of the physical abilities that were lost because of their injury.

3. Occupational Therapy

When motor skills and movement are affected by a brain injury, the individual will often require occupational therapy to help them re-learn some of the tasks of daily living, or adapt to their limitations that were caused by their accident. While the title of occupational therapy suggests that it will help injured people re-acclimate to the work force, it is often used to help them do simple tasks, such as bathing, dressing, and caring for themselves.

4. Speech and Language Therapy

Individuals who have suffered a brain injury may have difficulty speaking and communicating if that area of their brain has been affected. This area can be improved by speech-language therapy, and can include anything from learning alternative means of communication to re-learning speech and language, depending on the severity of the injury.

How a Personal Injury Claim can Help

These are not the only possible types of therapies and medical treatment available to survivors of brain injuries. There are many more treatments available, depending on the type of injury and the area of the brain that has been affected. If one of your loved ones has suffered a traumatic brain injury, there is a possibility that a personal injury claim can help pay for their care and medical treatment. Attorney David Dwork has been helping families and survivors of brain injury in New England with their personal injury claims for many years. Call our office today.

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